Tattoo Aftercare

At Bowen Island Tattoo Shop the utmost care is taken in to providing you with a great experience as well as a sterile one. Using all disposable needles, barriers, inks, and tubes along with up to date equipment and gear, ensuring the process is safe and comfortable.

Approved and inspected by Vancouver Coastal Health

You have just gotten your new tattoo and you're going to take great care of it by following these steps

  1. You will have either had a standard bandage placed on you, or Saniderm 'second skin'. If you have the standard bandage- keep it on for at least 6-24 hours. This will ensure proper healing and keeping it clean. If you have Saniderm 'second skin' on- this will stay on for 5-7 days. Remove earlier ONLY if the bandage has started to come off and broken the seal around the tattoo. Otherwise do your best to keep it on for the full week                                   *** IT IS NORMAL for there to be fluid build up under the second skin***
  2. Once you are ready, remove the bandage with clean hands. Gently scrub your tattoo with luke warm water and unscented, antibacterial soap.
  3. Gently pat dry with paper towel.
  4. Wear loose comfortable clothing while it heals.
  5. Keep your tattoo clean and dry over the next 3-5 days until it starts to scab and become itchy. At this point you can apply a very small amount of unscented lotion or coconut oil. Less is more

What NOT to do with you new tattoo.

  1. Do not let your friends touch it with their dirty ass hands.  Gross.
  2. Do not let your tattoo soak in any form of liquid. This includes showers, the ocean, unicorn tears, animal fat, lakes, hot tubs, baths, elf snot, or steam.
  3. Do not expose your fresh tattoo to the sun or any high heat, this includes dragon burps. Keep it clean and protected in loose clothing for the first couple weeks. Once it has healed completely you can show it off to the world!...With sunscreen on it:)
  4. Do not scratch or pick at your tattoo. I don't think I need to explain why here ...
  5. Do not let dogs lick your tattoos, no they don't have magic saliva that will instantly heal it. Just don't.
  6. Don't let anybody lick your tattoo for that matter...
  7. Do not avoid cleaning it because you think the ink will fall out. It won't believe me, it's in there.

Assuming  you have taken all of these steps seriously and you require touch ups. Please contact me and we can book a time.

If your tattoo has any sort of strange color, odor, or oozing please consult your doctor.